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T@TT Camp at Hanmer Springs

Thursday, 14 November 2013

On August the 26th to the 29th, T@TT went away to Hanmer Springs Campground while we enjoyed the great outdoors and had a wonderful time doing the following activities: Mission Impossible, mountain biking, orienteering, and other cool stuff. We went on lots of walks over there. Some of us were able to “smuggle” lollies so we could eat them. On the first night, we walked to Hanmer Springs Pools. It was really fun to relax in the hot pools and attack the teachers in the wave pool. On the last night, we had the ‘Minties’ awards. Some of us made other people feel silly so we gave them a mintie to make them to feel better. We also had The Talent Show that night. Some of us performed some really awesome acts while some of us were the audience. It was really cool. There were the following acts: The Kapa Haka group, Mrs McQuillan's Juggling Troop, Me (the Amazingly Awesome Ventriloquist) and The Parents and Teachers skit to name a few. On Thursday mid-afternoon, it was a long bus ride back to school. We have created a Voicethread about it and you will see the Voicethread below.

Blog post written by Mitchell Lilly


Anonymous said...

That would have been really fun! I remember going to the Hamner Springs Camp - mainly because I broke my tailbone there and ended up in hospital (again). It certainly is camp that I wont forget any time soon!

Ella, 8C Happenings.