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Speeches in Rm 13

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

At the end of last term, Room 13 students spent a lot of time and energy on writing, practising and performing their speeches on either an endangered animal or ecosystem. This post is to show the process the students went through to arrive at the finished products.

The first thing the students did was to look at the format used to write a powerful persuasive speech. They watched a video of a speech and analysed it and read some transcripts of other speeches. They used these to put together an outline of what they should include in their speech which was:
Hook (intro)
Background information
Call to action

The students then worked on researching and writing their speeches. Many students did this in Google Docs which allowed them to complete their research from school or home and then put it all in one place before they started writing. They were also easily able to rework their speech to improve it as they reread and edited.

After finishing this assessed writing task, students were given the opportunity to rehearse their speeches with a partner. To help the students really focus in on what they needed to improve, students videoed a partner presenting their speech and then each student watched this video while completing a self-evaluation sheet looking at all aspects of their performance. They were then challenged to practise again before repeating the process to see if they could make gains where they had felt there was room for improvement. Below is a video where students discuss how this helped them to make improvements.

Finally, students stood and presented their speeches to the class in our own competition. The order of the speeches was drawn randomly and after each student had presented, they become a guest judge alongside Mrs Vesper to help assess the next student. The combined scores of the two judges were used to decide which three students went through to the next round. As we had a number of students tied for third place, we had a 30 second 'speech off' and then voted as a class. The final three that went through to the team competition were Jem, Gareth and Thomas. At the end of the competition judged by Mr Nord, Gem and Gareth were declared first equal!  As only one can go through to the Cluster Bays tournament, Jem has been selected to represent the school. Below is Gareth's speech. As the battery died half way through Jem's speech, we will try to film it again during the next level of competition!


Ian Wallace said...

Man the speeches were great!

Anonymous said...

Good work everyone. Good speeches.
Lauren MacDonald

Michelle Vaughan said...

Nice speech Gareth; clear, articulate, well paced and interesting.

Michelle Vaughan said...
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