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War and peace topic

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Our topic this term was war and Peace. We really enjoyed it. We started the term working on the Peloponnesian war fought against the Athens and Spartans. The Peloponnesian war started in 431 BC- 404 BC the cause of the war was because Sparta was jealous of Athens because they had more money than them. More than half of the people in Athens died from illness. In the end, Sparta won the war.

Then we did our static images which were about about child soldiers. Child soldiers are children taken from their home and brain washed to use a gun and knives to fight. They use children because they're much more obedient, and easy to drug. If the kids survive and get saved, there are organisations that can help them.

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by Sophie, Olivia and Sam


Michelle Vaughan said...

These are incredibly powerful images - you all did a great job of highlighting a pretty horrific global problem.
Nice work.