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The Endangered Kea

Monday, 9 September 2013

In Room 13 for the last couple of weeks we have been working on different projects about an endangered animal, so Mitchell.C, Thomas and Sam made a movie trailer on the I-Pad.
We had to read about the Kea and learn why it's endangered and here is five facts about the Kea.
1. Kea's are a protected species.
2. We are killing them by feeding them high energy food and others can deal with it and do not need to            look and hunt for food as much meaning they have a lot of spare time to investigate objects.
3. Possums, Rats and stoats are eating young birds.
4. DOC are banding birds to see their behavior.
5. You can help by removing temptations like boots, packs, food and car window wipers.

 We decided that we would put the video on You Tube and the video is below.



Anonymous said...

Nice work sam, Thomas and Mitchell looks like you really know your stuff keep it up.

Daniel Harvey said...

wow thats a cool video