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Our peace poems

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

At the end of last term, we wrote a collaborative peace poem. We made this in our Google Docs accounts with each pair of students able to work on the same presentation at the same time. The class had a wide ranging discussion about what peace was. Rather than simply an absence of war, we decided that it was also things that helped to calm and relax you. We also spent quite a bit of time discussing how to find images online that we are allowed to reuse. There is a setting in the Advanced Google Image Search that allows you to search for images licensed for reuse. There is also a way of searching sites like Flickr for Creative Commons images that can also be reused. Here are the poems we created.

By Mrs Vesper

Kapa Haka group

Our Kapa Haka group has people from Year 3 to Year 8. We practice every Monday for an hour with Matua Willy and Whaia Tania. We do action dances and songs. We performed at the CBS Arena for the cultural festival. Our performance was well received and not as stressful as we thought it would be. This video was during an assembly to show what we do in other performances. I hope you enjoy it (best watched in full screen mode).

By Tai

War and peace topic

Our topic this term was war and Peace. We really enjoyed it. We started the term working on the Peloponnesian war fought against the Athens and Spartans. The Peloponnesian war started in 431 BC- 404 BC the cause of the war was because Sparta was jealous of Athens because they had more money than them. More than half of the people in Athens died from illness. In the end, Sparta won the war.

Then we did our static images which were about about child soldiers. Child soldiers are children taken from their home and brain washed to use a gun and knives to fight. They use children because they're much more obedient, and easy to drug. If the kids survive and get saved, there are organisations that can help them.

Displaying IMG_1684.jpg

by Sophie, Olivia and Sam

The Endangered Kea

Monday, 9 September 2013

In Room 13 for the last couple of weeks we have been working on different projects about an endangered animal, so Mitchell.C, Thomas and Sam made a movie trailer on the I-Pad.
We had to read about the Kea and learn why it's endangered and here is five facts about the Kea.
1. Kea's are a protected species.
2. We are killing them by feeding them high energy food and others can deal with it and do not need to            look and hunt for food as much meaning they have a lot of spare time to investigate objects.
3. Possums, Rats and stoats are eating young birds.
4. DOC are banding birds to see their behavior.
5. You can help by removing temptations like boots, packs, food and car window wipers.

 We decided that we would put the video on You Tube and the video is below.