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Term three learning update

Thursday, 1 August 2013

This is just a quick post to let you know some of the key learning areas that we currently working on in Room 13.

We are currently focusing on the different types of non-fiction texts. Below is a presentation with some of the key information about the different text types we have been focusing on. We will continue to look at these in our reading groups leading up to camp:

We are also finishing off the ballads we were writing about the key characters in our books from last term. We will share some of these on this blog in upcoming blog posts!

We are also looking at the topic of biodiversity for science. Our focus will be on the alpine environment  as an ecosystem. Students will also investigate an endangered animal or ecosystem of their choice to use as the topic for their speeches later in the term. To begin this topic, we have been focusing on classification of living things. The students have been working on this alongside developing their knowledge of Venn diagrams over the last few week. You can see the information we been covering in the next presentation.

That's enough for the moment but there will be more updates soon!
Mrs Vesper


Michelle Vaughan said...

Really like what the kids learnt today; the "kids prefer fruit over chocolate, generally speaking" mnemonic to remember this!