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Sayings of the day

Monday, 12 August 2013

We have been learning a new saying a day in Room 13. These have been added to a Google Presentation that is available by clicking the 'Sayings' link in the sidebar of the blog. I've added it below for this post. The newest sayings will be added to the beginning of the presentation.

What is your favourite saying? Add it in the comments and we could make it one we study in class.
Thanks - Mrs Vesper


kristal said...

hello my name is kristal i think your slide show is cool but to fast my favrite sayin is the dimond one

be kristal

sarah said...

Hi room 13,

The sayings are very meaningful. My favourite saying was about the bullet. What other sayings can you find?

8C happenings,

Daniel and Nathan said...

Hi we are Daniel and Nathan and we are from Melville intermediate School and we are doing a project and we have to ask questions about your class room so we can try make a 2D model of your classroom then make a 3D model many windows do you have in your classroom?
2.What shape is your classroom?
3.What are the dimensions in your classroom?
4.How many computer to you have in your classroom?
5.Do you have a whiteboard?
6.Do you you have a interactive whiteboard?
7.Do you have any heaters?
8.How many kids are in your classroom?
9.How many desks or table do you have?
10. Do you have any teachers cupboards, deasks or storage things.
Thank you
Daniel & Nathan