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Mt Pleasant Short Film Festival evening!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Year 5-8s at our school made movies between our classrooms. Some classrooms split into groups, and some made one as a class. Each class had 10 minutes to present their movies. Each class had a subject they were basing their movie on.

We had Hammond Peak come over to our school to give us tips about how to make our movies, with his OSCAR award for best sound in Lord of the Rings, Return of the King.

We were allowed into the movie night without having to pay or hand in tickets. However, the two guests we chose to give our tickets to had to bring along a donation to help pay for a new video camera to use in our team in the future. The student council sold lollies to raise funds for the kid we are sponsoring in Africa. 

On Wednesday, we watched all the movies from the six classes in each of our classrooms. 
The movie night lasted up to an hour. There were about 8-9 movies shown, including the one-shot at the beginning which was a movie that Room 12 decided to make in one take where they filmed the whole school dancing throughout every class.
All the movies included-

-Room 13
.Last drop
.Class president
.War of the courts
-Room 12
.One shot
-Room 11
.Deep Water
.Family Violence
.Under Pressure
-Room 10
.Ode To Freedom
-Room 9
.I Was Here
-Room 8-
.The new kids
.The MAGIC Song

Here are some pictures from the evening!
Blog post by Logan and Olivia


Melville Intermediate, Hamilton said...

Room Thirteen we would love to see the Movies from the night if you could publish them on your class page so we can view them online.

I would also like to thank Tai for the comment that he left on our class page in Hamilton about our Boys Rugby League team and their game against Te Awamutu Intermediate.

Yes the Boys in Te Awamutu were really big and our Boys found it quite challenging playing against them. We did enjoy it even though the score ended up being quite big to them.

Thank you.

Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato

Anonymous said...

This sound so cool! I can remember how my school (Selwyn House) did a film night with the theme 'Fresh Beginnings'. It was a great experience.

I hope you had heaps of fun!

Sarah Be, 8C Happenings.

Anonymous said...
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