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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Here's an extract of Tara and Emily's story.  It's a very captivating story about traveling overseas.

My life was about to change forever.
Hi my name is May. I’m 12 years old and I go to Spring day school in Hanmer Springs. In my family there is
my mum Jennifer, my dad Dan and me.

My parents announced last night that we would be leaving and traveling around the world until we find
somewhere better to live. They never liked living here they didn’t like the community, the holiday makers that come and go and their jobs it was too much for them. I begged for us not to go but they told me that they had been planning this for 5 months and they were trying to find the right time to leave. They had made up their mind.

APRIL 5 2013

The day has finally come. I cried all last night. I never knew it would be so hard to say goodbye to everyone especially my best friend Georgie. As the taxi pulled up outside our house I knew we wouldn’t be back for a long time.We arrived at the airport at 4.00 pm (New Zealand time).            

‘Flight 107 to Hong kong boarding now at gate G 57’ said a man’s voice from the speaker as we got out of the taxi.

APRIL 6 2013

Can’t get to sleep a baby’s crying like mad. Traveling in first class for three more hours is making me sick! At two o’clock I watched a movie, it was a boring movie so I went back to sleep.    

3.30 am (New Zealand time).
We’re finally landing and guess what I get to give out the plane candies!

4.00 am (New Zealand time).
We’re here I got out of the plane and a blast of hot air hit my face and I found it hard to breathe. We went down the ramp and into the airport. the airport was like nothing you had ever seen it was massive there are people everywhere. We almost got lost trying to get our bags but we got our bags and just got the shuttle in time. It’s 12am here. I’m so tired. We finally got to our hotel at 1am. I must of fallen asleep because  don’t remember much of the trip. We got out of the shuttle and the building was all lit up it was beautiful. The shuttle driver got our bags and we went into the hotel. There was an after hour box and our key was in there. We are on level 22 and room 2201 we are on top of the building there are only 2 rooms on our floor and our room is gorgeous there is a room for me with an en-suite and a room for mum and dad with an en-suite  a living room with a tv and another living room with a kitchen table the a bathroom and a play room also there is a deck and there is a spa, a BBQ, and an outside table. I went and put my bags in my room then I fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

Great story so far, very detailed and ' suspenseful!' I hope you write the next part sooner or later.
Good luck on writing the next part!

Mitchell L