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Cantamath competition

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Over the last couple of weeks, we were working on our projects for the Cantmath competitions. Cantamaths is a maths competition held in Christchurch by the Canterbury(canta) Mathematic(math) Association.

We had the options of doing any of these:
  • A poster to do with some aspect of math to show our understanding.
  • A game to do with some aspect of maths.
  • A booklet about a subject of our choice to do with maths.
  • A model to explain in detail to everyone a certain aspect of maths
There were also teams of four that went to the CBS arena to compete against other schools in a problem solving test of 20 questions. At our school, there was a Year 7 team and a year 8 team. The teams were as follows:

Year 8 - Zac, Jemima, Lucchio, Rosie

Reserves: Will, Jacob O

Year 7- Polina, George, Holly, Jacob M

Reserves: Dominic, Eddie

The year 8 team tied with a few other schools, and came 13th out of 104, with 75 points.
The year 7 team tried hard and scored 30 points, spending 10 minutes on one question, dedermination!

The Year 7 team got 30 points and the Year 8 team got 75 points in the half hour contest.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this Chelsea from 8C, we did the Cantamaths competition in CBS Arena as well! We had a year 8 team and a year 7 team. Great job Year 7 and 8 teams!