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Senior jackets

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Recently we have received Senior jackets!!!!!

These are year 7&8 only. They are extremely warm and have plenty of secret pockets to put things in. They are waterproof and fitted with tuck away hoodies.

F.O.M.Ps (Friends of Mt Pleasant) sponsored us for these wonderful jackets, but every student in year 7,8 had to do 2 hours community work. Here’s some of the things that we did:

cleaning up the estuary, planting trees, helping neighbours and volunteer work!!!!

Thanks, F.O.M.Ps

By Emily and Charlotte


Anonymous said...

Cool jackets. Sounds like they were worth the effort.

Sarah Be, 8C

Anonymous said...

Those jackets sound cool. I wish we had them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Room 13,

Those jackets look amazing. At Selwyn House the Seniors have a gold tie instead of a blue.

Charlotte 8C, Selwyn House School Christchurch, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

The jackets look amazing! It sounds like it's very worth it, very special for the seniors!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool to have seniors jackets I wish my school used them. We don't really use jackets though we us blazers.
Was it hard to have to do community work to get your jackets?

Selwyn House School,

Anonymous said...

It was worth that rubbish collection on the beach to get this jacket ... well done Mt Pleasant this is such a great idea...What will you think of next to make yourselves feel like seniors?

Anonymous said...

That community work sounds tough guys, but nice jackets though, bet they keep you warmer than my blazer does at St Michaels, brrrr


Josh said...

hahahahaha those jackets look so cool, are they comfy? they look very warm i hope that work paid off.

Nadia said...

Hi room 13,

Those look so cool, I wish we did something like that at Selwyn house.

Nadia 8C

Michelle Vaughan said...

Yup, parents also think these are brilliant - warmer and smarter than fleeces.