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Maddi and Jemima's work

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Here's a short extract of work we have chosen as some of our best.

 Jemima's summary of the Iranian hostage crisis
 The Iranian Hostage Crisis In 1979, the the Iranian Hostage Crisis occurred in Tehran, Iran. On November the 4th, a group of Islamic students that supported the Iranian Revolution swarmed and took over the American Embassy in Tehran. They took approximately 52 American hostages and left the Embassy trashed. It is strongly believed that they did so because they thought the U.S government were against the Iranian Revolution. Also, when Iran’s Shah (ruler) was overthrown, the U.S allowed him into America for medical care. The Iranians held these hostages for 444 days and many types of physical and physiological torture was carried out on them. During this time, the former President of the U.S, Jimmy Carter desperately tried to get the hostages back. One of the main things he did was stop all Iranian connections to the U.S. Eventually though a series of events occurred that caused Iran to release the hostages. Firstly, the former Shah died on July the 7th 1980. Next, Iraq invaded Iran. This caused Iran to negotiate with the U.S with Algeria being the mediator. Both Iran and the U.S signed the Algiers Accords and the hostages were formally released unharmed into the U.S on the 20th of January 1981 just minutes after the new American President, Ronald Reagan was elected. This whole event resulted in Iran and the U.S’s connections weakening.

An extract of Maddi's summary on chapters 9 to 12 of the book Lord of the flies by William Golding.

                                                         Lord of the flies Summary
 Chapter nine begins with Simon who has become very dehydrated and slightly mad, discovering the body of the parachuter whom the boys previously thought was the beast. He discovers that what the boys thought was a horrible creature is actually just a harmless object and hurries to tell the other boys. Ralph and Piggy go to the feast to try and bring some control and order over the other boys. When they arrive they discover that the boys are laughing and having fun. Jack is treated like a king by his tribe. It starts to rain and Jack’s tribe begin to do a wild hunting dance. They boys begin to chant and dance in circles and are caught up in a kind of frenzy; even Ralph and Piggy are swept up in the excitement. The boys see a shadowy figure creep out of the forest (actually Simon) the boys; in their wild and frenzied state leap upon him, killing him with their bare hands and teeth. The next morning Ralph and Piggy meet on the beach, ashamed of their behaviour last night. Ralph laughs hysterically and tells Piggy that they have participated in a murder. Piggy cannot confront this so he denies it dismissing it as an accident.

Senior jackets

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Recently we have received Senior jackets!!!!!

These are year 7&8 only. They are extremely warm and have plenty of secret pockets to put things in. They are waterproof and fitted with tuck away hoodies.

F.O.M.Ps (Friends of Mt Pleasant) sponsored us for these wonderful jackets, but every student in year 7,8 had to do 2 hours community work. Here’s some of the things that we did:

cleaning up the estuary, planting trees, helping neighbours and volunteer work!!!!

Thanks, F.O.M.Ps

By Emily and Charlotte