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Mount Pleasant School

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mount Pleasant school has 13 classrooms and base-camp for the new entrants. We are split up into four teams: Team Take Off(years 0-2), Team Magma(Years 3-4), Team Rock Solid(Years 5-6) and Team at the top(Years 7-8). Room 13 in Team At The Top.

About 3 years ago we got new buildings in Team Magma, T@TT and Base-camp, but Rooms, 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9 still are with their old buildings.
In the earthquake, our hall was pushed off its pillars and now can't be used. Room 9 had the same problem but was lifted up by a crane and was fixed.

Our school also has a values and philosophies known as the MAGIC, there is a photo of the magic below,
our school uses the MAGIC to have good behavior and keep our school tidy.

Here are some of the  photos of our school and a map of our schools layout.

This is our classroom with Tai and Jemima

This is our astro turf and the hall in the corner and the PE shed behind 

This is Thomas and Jackson reading in one
 of our shared spaces, connecting the classroom.

This is school field and the senior playground in the back 
This is our schools MAGIC             This is the teachers staff room



Anonymous said...

Dear Room 13,

Magic sounds interesting. Your school is really cool. Do you enjoy being at your school?

8C happenings

Anonymous said...

Yes we do a lot of cool stuff at our school and we always use the magic!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the paper snowflakes! Who made them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 13,
Me too. I like shared spaces.
The paper snowflakes is so cool!