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Maths and Science Extension at Linwood College

Thursday, 13 June 2013

On a Tuesday morning a few students go to the local high school, Linwood College, for extension in mathematics and science. We spend two hours on each subject with a ten minute break in between. So far in science we have covered a broad range of topics. These include: Quantum Mechanics (the basics), Photosynthesis, The Human Body, and much more. In maths we have been looking for patterns series of shapes and numbers, figuring out the rule, writing out the algebraic equation, then expanding and simplifying our algebraic equation to provide a finished answer. Hers's a video we watched in class about Quantum Mechanics presented to you by Mr. Quantum.


Michelle Vaughan said...

Thanks MPS for making the effort to get the kids to Linwood for this great opportunity. Gotta love Mr Quantum- he did a great job of explaining the double slit experiment.