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First aid course

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

On Wednesday the 5th of June we had a first aid course. We learned how to stop a person from choking by using a certain technique that involves standing behind the patient and thrusting your hand into their solar plexus 5 times with increasing force attempting to dislodge whatever they are choking on. We also learned how to put people in the recovery position if the maneuver failed so they don't choke on their tongue. Another thing we practised was how to call the police if there was an emergency by talking on a toy phone. In an emergency, we learnt to follow the Doctors ABC (DRSABC below) to help recover somebody.

Danger - Check for dangers before attempting to help them.

Response- Check if they are responding by tapping their collarbone.

Send for help - Call 111 or find an adult to help. Talk calmly and answer the emergency centers questions.

Airways - Tilt their chin up so they don’t choke on their tongue.

Breathing - Make sure the patient is bleeding by putting your head down to feel their breath and/or see their chest moving, or by getting a mirror or some glass then put it up to their mouth to see the condensation.

Circulation - Make sure blood is circulating around their body - apply pressure to bleeding wounds.

This video was made by students in Australia to show the DRSABC steps. Note that their emergency number is 000 and ours is 111. Also, we weren't taught how to do CPR because of our age.

We learned skills that could save lives one day.

By Fergus and Jacob.


Abby Harris said...

Hi room 13,
It is great to hear that you are learning first aid it will really help you in the future. Self defense will help you as well.

8C Selwyn House School

Kate said...

Hi room 13,
I think that it is really important to learn first aid. It is so cool that you had the chance to do that.

8B Selwyn House School

Charlotte said...

Hi Room 13,

It's amazing that you found out how to save someone's life. Have you used any of those techniques yet?

8C Selwyn House School

Lilli said...

Hi room 13,

I think that it is really good and cool that you are doing first aid. It is a really good skill to have and I would quite like to do it at school.

8C Selwyn House School

Anonymous said...

Thanks Room 13 it was great to remind myself of these things and we went over it at home so all the family would know. Annette

Michelle Vaughan said...

Glad to hear you guys all know first aid - it's really important, and makes our community safer.