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Cross Country

Friday, 24 May 2013

On the morning of Wednesday the 15 May, we had our school cross country. For our Cross Country, we had a challenge course for the students that found the full course challenging so that more kids would enjoy Cross Country.

The weather on the day was alright and later in the morning it started to turn to custard but the sun was trying to shine.

The parents' support encouraged more young kids to enjoy Cross Country and attempt to win.

After the morning, at last we got to the prize giving ceremonies and everybody cheered when the top three hopped on the podium.

The order of the events and results are as listed below.

5 year old girls, Grace, Juliet, Talia
5 year old boys, Harrison, Oliver, Adam
6 year old girls, Jessica, Sophie, Neave
6 year old boys, Finn, Liam, Will
7 year old girls, Ashleigh, Lilly, Brianna
7 year old boys, Caleb, Quinn, Ash
8 year old girls, Emily, Andie, Zeda
8 year old boys, James, Zach, Kasper
9 year old girls, Millie, Natasha, Heather
9 year old boys, Will, Eli, Iwan
year 6 girls, Sophie, Georgia, Emma
year 6 boys, John, Johnny, Oliver
year 7 girls, Alexia, Anna, Sophie
year 7 boys, Thomas, Dominic, William
year 8 girls, Victoria, Charlotte, Azalea
year 8 boys, Sam,  Zac, William

Thank you MR Ingledew for organizing the "AWESOME" event.
Thank you all the children for participating.

It was an awesome day for some and our school is really proud of the students that competed.
by Mitchell and Thomas


Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic day of competition and fun... Awesome photo Logan - so impressed how well you ran without stopping on the full course. Mum and Dad!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 13,

You look as though you gave it your best shot. We had our cross country a couple of weeks ago. We had to run 3k. How many kilometers did you have to run? I am excited to know you better from quad blogging.

From Charlotte 8C, Selwyn House School Christchurch, New Zealand

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, that looks like fun! Selwyn House School had our cross country in 22nd of May.

Jamie said...

Looks like you had heaps of fun at cross country. I hope you had a great time!

Melville Intermediate

Josh said...


That looked like a lot of fun. so many people were really fast I could not believe it. It really looked amazing. I cant wait for my school cross country after that.

Josh Melville Intermediate Hamilton NZ

Nathan said...

Hi room 13 my name Nathan and I go to Melville Intermediate that cross country looks really tough our cross country is coming up I think it is really long.
Nice pics.
Room 5
Melville Intermediate school

Wattana said...


My name is Wattana I think your Cross Country looks very fun I hope this year our school's Cross Contry is as fun as yours.

Wattana Melville Intermediate, Hamilton New Zealand

Chloe said...


My name is chloe i think your cross country looks like it is fun.Do you have to run a small way or a long way it looks fun

Chloe melille intermediate, hamilton new zealand

Daniel said...

my name Daniel and i think your cross country looks very fun which reminds me i have cross country coming up soon

Daniel melville intermediate, hamilton New Zealand

Bianca and Jackie, Melville Intremediate said...

Hey our names are Bianca & Jackie
that looks like fun and i really think you guy did good