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Zac's writing

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Below is an extract from Zac's story. This story was written about being pushed out of your comfort zone.

It was dark the next morning. We were standing on the dock where all the yachts like ours were tied. It’s not a great feeling when you’re the only one feeling down and everyone else is enthusiastic. We loaded all our bags and the food inside the yacht, Dad hoisted the sail and we set off. Once we were out of the sounds and Mum had headed inside, I saw dark clouds on the brim of the mountains of the sounds.
“Dad,” I said in a worried tone of voice, “There’s clouds just over the hills and they don’t look awfully happy.”
Dad turned around casually and replied “Not to worry, The Metservice said it was going to be a light northeasterly so I reckon once the sun hits the land it’ll heat up and the wind will fill in from the north-east, blowing those clouds of yours away.”
I was almost convinced.

To read more of this story click here.

We chose this story because it used a wide range of vocabulary and made you want to read on.
- Maddi and Jemima


Anonymous said...

Awesome story Zac. I love the bit where he says the clouds don't look awfully happy
From SH

Nicky Holland said...

Great story Zac! Just as well it was a "short story" and not a novel...I have housework waiting! :)

Sarah Lovie said...

Epic saga Zac. Very good.

Anonymous said...

Well done Zac I teach English at year 9 and this would get an excellence for creative writing if you were in my class! Great descriptions and fantastic use of words, well done. Annette

Anonymous said...

Hi room 13,

Well done to everyone! We had our cross country on the 22nd of may and it was impossible! All the year 8's had to run 3km's and most of us were dying near the end.

Ella, 8C Happenings

Anonymous said...

Hello Room 13 Blogsters

That was an amazing story Zac I love how you have used a lot of descriptive words and it really makes me want to read more. Well Done.

From Alice

Harry said...

Hi my name is Harry and your cross country looked like so much fun i hope this year our cross country is as fun as yours looked.

Harry Melville Intermediate hamilton New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Great story Zac,

This term in 8C, we are writing fractured fairytales.

Sarah Be