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Cross Country

Friday, 24 May 2013

On the morning of Wednesday the 15 May, we had our school cross country. For our Cross Country, we had a challenge course for the students that found the full course challenging so that more kids would enjoy Cross Country.

The weather on the day was alright and later in the morning it started to turn to custard but the sun was trying to shine.

The parents' support encouraged more young kids to enjoy Cross Country and attempt to win.

After the morning, at last we got to the prize giving ceremonies and everybody cheered when the top three hopped on the podium.

The order of the events and results are as listed below.

5 year old girls, Grace, Juliet, Talia
5 year old boys, Harrison, Oliver, Adam
6 year old girls, Jessica, Sophie, Neave
6 year old boys, Finn, Liam, Will
7 year old girls, Ashleigh, Lilly, Brianna
7 year old boys, Caleb, Quinn, Ash
8 year old girls, Emily, Andie, Zeda
8 year old boys, James, Zach, Kasper
9 year old girls, Millie, Natasha, Heather
9 year old boys, Will, Eli, Iwan
year 6 girls, Sophie, Georgia, Emma
year 6 boys, John, Johnny, Oliver
year 7 girls, Alexia, Anna, Sophie
year 7 boys, Thomas, Dominic, William
year 8 girls, Victoria, Charlotte, Azalea
year 8 boys, Sam,  Zac, William

Thank you MR Ingledew for organizing the "AWESOME" event.
Thank you all the children for participating.

It was an awesome day for some and our school is really proud of the students that competed.
by Mitchell and Thomas

Zac's writing

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Below is an extract from Zac's story. This story was written about being pushed out of your comfort zone.

It was dark the next morning. We were standing on the dock where all the yachts like ours were tied. It’s not a great feeling when you’re the only one feeling down and everyone else is enthusiastic. We loaded all our bags and the food inside the yacht, Dad hoisted the sail and we set off. Once we were out of the sounds and Mum had headed inside, I saw dark clouds on the brim of the mountains of the sounds.
“Dad,” I said in a worried tone of voice, “There’s clouds just over the hills and they don’t look awfully happy.”
Dad turned around casually and replied “Not to worry, The Metservice said it was going to be a light northeasterly so I reckon once the sun hits the land it’ll heat up and the wind will fill in from the north-east, blowing those clouds of yours away.”
I was almost convinced.

To read more of this story click here.

We chose this story because it used a wide range of vocabulary and made you want to read on.
- Maddi and Jemima

Welcome and contraptions!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thanks for visiting our brand new class blog! This is a space where the students will be sharing their learning with our community and other students from around the world. If you have dropped in to have a peek, it would be great if you could let the students know you've been here by leaving a quick comment below.

Our very first post is to revisit the forces topic we did last term. As part of that topic, the students created their very own contraptions that had to follow the following guidelines:

Your team should design a contraption that contains a minimum of four steps. A step in the machine is a transfer of energy from one action to another action. You also need to include at least three types of simple machines such as ramps, funnels, pulleys, levers, pipes, pendulums and catapults. You should also be able to talk about how your machine shows Newton’s three laws.

The video below shows their completed contraptions in action. Enjoy!