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Summer reading recommendations

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The students have all contributed their recommendations to this reading list. If you don't have something interesting to read this summer, why not try one of these! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

As this is a blog for Room 13 and I am moving to Room 9 next year, this will be the last post on this blog. I will link to the new Room 9 blog once it is up and running next year. Thanks for reading our blog!

End of year prizes

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

This post is to provide information about the overall academic excellence prize and class prizes that were awarded to members of the class at the End of Year ceremony. Read below to find out why each student was awarded the prize this year.

Prizes across all of T@TT

Jemima exemplifies everything you would hope for in a Mount Pleasant student. Not only does she always aim for excellence in everything she does, she is also involved in almost every aspect of school life. Academically, she is one of our top students and a true all rounder excelling in literacy, mathematics and science. This academic excellence has helped her to gain a scholarship to St Margarets. She also recently won the Bays Cluster speech competition showing her flair for public speaking which she also demonstrated at the End of Year Celebration. Jemima has taken on positions of responsibility in the school such as leading the school council. In this role, she was pivotal in the organisation of Market Day and the school discos. She has also been part of the choir, the rock band and the school netball team.

Class Prizes
EXCELLENCE - shared with Maddi and Zac

Maddi has produced some stunning pieces of writing over the course of the year and is able to read and analyse complex and challenging texts. She seeks feedback on her work while still being confident of her own stylistic choices. She is able to work independently to an exceptionally high standard.

Zac has a passion for mathematics and will work tirelessly to understand a new concept or theory. He has recently been working through a Year 11 mathematics text book and will often sit back to mull over his learning. He enjoys solving complicated problems and was a key member of our Cantamaths team.


Emily is an extremely hard working class member who can always be counted on to settle quickly to a task and then to complete it to a very high standard. She takes great care with her written work. She is able to maintain her focus in both independent and group work situations and will be key in taking a task to completion.


Sam’s willingness to work hard and fantastic attitude to her learning has really paid off this year. She has gone up the equivalent of three years in her reading age since the beginning of the year which is a huge achievement. She has also made great gains in her writing and has become a lot more confident in herself. 


Logan has shown on a number of occasions that he is willing to support activities in our class. He has taken images for our blog and year book page, he has volunteered to help clean up after the school disco and he is always quick to do whatever is needed when asked. This can do attitude is what makes him a great citizen of the class.

Creating an engaging presentation

Monday, 2 December 2013

In Room 13, we are creating presentations to share the work we have been doing in our Go MAD projects. We spent some time looking at examples of award winning presentations and discussed what it was that made them great. We also viewed some presentations about creating amazing presentations. Some of these are included below for you to enjoy!

Award winning presentation about smoking
Video about presenting effectively  

Find more videos like this on TLNing

A powerpoint about presenting

Bays Cluster speech competition

On Monday 21 October, I attended the Bay’s cluster speech competition.  It was held in Star Of the Sea hall and included two representatives from the 5 different schools in our cluster: Redcliffs, Sumner, Heathcote Valley, Star of the Sea and Mt Pleasant.

The competition was in two categories: Year 7 and Year 8. There were many different topics including why we cry, the circus, tattoos and fast food. There were also some musical performances from students. My speech was about shark finning and you can watch it below (sorry about the quality!).  It was a great experience and lots of fun and I was really happy to be announced the winner in the Year 8 category.

By Jem

Market Day

On Wednesday the 23rd of October, our school held a market day, a day in which each class picks a country and prepares food from their choosen country to sell on market day. Each student has to be good and show the "MAGIC" to earn "Cathy Cash" to buy stuff on market day. The range of food was from Mexico to England to America to Antarctica. With everyone running like headless chickens it was crazily fun. Everyone was getting festive with their country's clothes and rituals. We had two weeks to collect the Cathy Cash. We all had a blast and partied the day away.
By Jacob

Zones Athletics

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Zone athletics is a competition where we compete against schools in our Bays Cluster.The day started with the roll call at school. It was a very nice day and we all enjoyed ourselves a lot. The competition was at Hanson Park. Athletics included: high jump, sprints (both 100 meters and 60 meters), long jump, and discus. We also had long distance events: 1000 metres for Year 5 and 6 and 1200 metres for the Year 7 and 8. We had some really good results with 21 kids going to the next competition the Canterbury's.

By Harry and Logan

Room 13 Ballads

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Our ballads are now finally published for you all to enjoy. We wrote the ballads about characters from the novels we read in term three. Many were written collaboratively with other students in the class. Click on the image of the book below to enlarge it to full screen so you can read through the pages. We would love to have feedback in the form of comments! Thanks to Sam Deavoll for collating all the ballads and putting the book together.

T@TT Camp at Hanmer Springs

Thursday, 14 November 2013

On August the 26th to the 29th, T@TT went away to Hanmer Springs Campground while we enjoyed the great outdoors and had a wonderful time doing the following activities: Mission Impossible, mountain biking, orienteering, and other cool stuff. We went on lots of walks over there. Some of us were able to “smuggle” lollies so we could eat them. On the first night, we walked to Hanmer Springs Pools. It was really fun to relax in the hot pools and attack the teachers in the wave pool. On the last night, we had the ‘Minties’ awards. Some of us made other people feel silly so we gave them a mintie to make them to feel better. We also had The Talent Show that night. Some of us performed some really awesome acts while some of us were the audience. It was really cool. There were the following acts: The Kapa Haka group, Mrs McQuillan's Juggling Troop, Me (the Amazingly Awesome Ventriloquist) and The Parents and Teachers skit to name a few. On Thursday mid-afternoon, it was a long bus ride back to school. We have created a Voicethread about it and you will see the Voicethread below.

Blog post written by Mitchell Lilly

Picture book study

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

We've been investigating elements of sophisticated picture books by looking at the work of Shaun Tan. His books explore a range of human emotions and moods through his atmospheric images. Below is a presentation showing some of the images from his book called "The Red Tree".  We matched feeling words to each image and then discussed how the image is a visual metaphor for that feeling. The students then made up their own metaphors for a range of emotions. At the moment, we are looking at another Shaun Tan book called 'The Lost Thing".

Caitlin's speed skating successes!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

My name is Caitlin and I’m a ice speed skater. I’m 4 time Australian champion and 2 time New Zealand champion. I have 36 records over-all, i have 14 trophies and 15 medals. I’m ranked 1st in the world from my grade for the 222m (two laps). My fastest lap time is 10.2 seconds and I can do 50.4 seconds for four and a half laps. I have been skating for 6 years now. Just recently I qualified for an international suit by completing the 1000m (9 laps) in 1:49s.

I train 3 times a week: Monday mornings at 6:15; and Tuesday and Thursday nights. Training is hard,and sometimes i really don’t want to go because I’m that sore, but if I want to get better than I am now, I have to push it to the limit to get that much better. To quote Herschel Walker (2 x All Pro NFL Champion & MMA Champion)- “If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.” Currently, I’m training for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea,Seoul. I’m also training to go to Junior Worlds when I’m 15, because I’m not old enough to enter at the moment. I have two coaches: Mr Park who generally trains the older boys and mostly gives instructions to the whole group; and my normal coach Fran.

In 2011, four other speed skaters and I went to South Korea for a month.It was really intense training.We had to get up at 3:30am and train for 3 hours in the morning,then go back to our apartment for a sleep then get up again to go do some more training for another 3 hours. In one of our times off, we went to the biggest indoor theme park called Lotte World. It was so big that it was a mission to find everyone. Sadly the next day the Korean coach expected a lot of hard training considering how much candy we had eaten the day before!

That’s a summary of my life as a speed skater. To read more about what I’ve achieved, follow this link to my online skating profile:

What Now made a hot shot video that I featured in along with a few other skaters from my club. I hope you enjoy it!


Our movies!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

At long last, here are the movies we filmed in Term Two. If you couldn't make it to the gala evening event, now is your chance to catch them.

Speeches in Rm 13

At the end of last term, Room 13 students spent a lot of time and energy on writing, practising and performing their speeches on either an endangered animal or ecosystem. This post is to show the process the students went through to arrive at the finished products.

The first thing the students did was to look at the format used to write a powerful persuasive speech. They watched a video of a speech and analysed it and read some transcripts of other speeches. They used these to put together an outline of what they should include in their speech which was:
Hook (intro)
Background information
Call to action

The students then worked on researching and writing their speeches. Many students did this in Google Docs which allowed them to complete their research from school or home and then put it all in one place before they started writing. They were also easily able to rework their speech to improve it as they reread and edited.

After finishing this assessed writing task, students were given the opportunity to rehearse their speeches with a partner. To help the students really focus in on what they needed to improve, students videoed a partner presenting their speech and then each student watched this video while completing a self-evaluation sheet looking at all aspects of their performance. They were then challenged to practise again before repeating the process to see if they could make gains where they had felt there was room for improvement. Below is a video where students discuss how this helped them to make improvements.

Finally, students stood and presented their speeches to the class in our own competition. The order of the speeches was drawn randomly and after each student had presented, they become a guest judge alongside Mrs Vesper to help assess the next student. The combined scores of the two judges were used to decide which three students went through to the next round. As we had a number of students tied for third place, we had a 30 second 'speech off' and then voted as a class. The final three that went through to the team competition were Jem, Gareth and Thomas. At the end of the competition judged by Mr Nord, Gem and Gareth were declared first equal!  As only one can go through to the Cluster Bays tournament, Jem has been selected to represent the school. Below is Gareth's speech. As the battery died half way through Jem's speech, we will try to film it again during the next level of competition!

Our peace poems

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

At the end of last term, we wrote a collaborative peace poem. We made this in our Google Docs accounts with each pair of students able to work on the same presentation at the same time. The class had a wide ranging discussion about what peace was. Rather than simply an absence of war, we decided that it was also things that helped to calm and relax you. We also spent quite a bit of time discussing how to find images online that we are allowed to reuse. There is a setting in the Advanced Google Image Search that allows you to search for images licensed for reuse. There is also a way of searching sites like Flickr for Creative Commons images that can also be reused. Here are the poems we created.

By Mrs Vesper

Kapa Haka group

Our Kapa Haka group has people from Year 3 to Year 8. We practice every Monday for an hour with Matua Willy and Whaia Tania. We do action dances and songs. We performed at the CBS Arena for the cultural festival. Our performance was well received and not as stressful as we thought it would be. This video was during an assembly to show what we do in other performances. I hope you enjoy it (best watched in full screen mode).

By Tai

War and peace topic

Our topic this term was war and Peace. We really enjoyed it. We started the term working on the Peloponnesian war fought against the Athens and Spartans. The Peloponnesian war started in 431 BC- 404 BC the cause of the war was because Sparta was jealous of Athens because they had more money than them. More than half of the people in Athens died from illness. In the end, Sparta won the war.

Then we did our static images which were about about child soldiers. Child soldiers are children taken from their home and brain washed to use a gun and knives to fight. They use children because they're much more obedient, and easy to drug. If the kids survive and get saved, there are organisations that can help them.

Displaying IMG_1684.jpg

by Sophie, Olivia and Sam

The Endangered Kea

Monday, 9 September 2013

In Room 13 for the last couple of weeks we have been working on different projects about an endangered animal, so Mitchell.C, Thomas and Sam made a movie trailer on the I-Pad.
We had to read about the Kea and learn why it's endangered and here is five facts about the Kea.
1. Kea's are a protected species.
2. We are killing them by feeding them high energy food and others can deal with it and do not need to            look and hunt for food as much meaning they have a lot of spare time to investigate objects.
3. Possums, Rats and stoats are eating young birds.
4. DOC are banding birds to see their behavior.
5. You can help by removing temptations like boots, packs, food and car window wipers.

 We decided that we would put the video on You Tube and the video is below.


Cantamath competition

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Over the last couple of weeks, we were working on our projects for the Cantmath competitions. Cantamaths is a maths competition held in Christchurch by the Canterbury(canta) Mathematic(math) Association.

We had the options of doing any of these:
  • A poster to do with some aspect of math to show our understanding.
  • A game to do with some aspect of maths.
  • A booklet about a subject of our choice to do with maths.
  • A model to explain in detail to everyone a certain aspect of maths
There were also teams of four that went to the CBS arena to compete against other schools in a problem solving test of 20 questions. At our school, there was a Year 7 team and a year 8 team. The teams were as follows:

Year 8 - Zac, Jemima, Lucchio, Rosie

Reserves: Will, Jacob O

Year 7- Polina, George, Holly, Jacob M

Reserves: Dominic, Eddie

The year 8 team tied with a few other schools, and came 13th out of 104, with 75 points.
The year 7 team tried hard and scored 30 points, spending 10 minutes on one question, dedermination!

The Year 7 team got 30 points and the Year 8 team got 75 points in the half hour contest.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Here's an extract of Tara and Emily's story.  It's a very captivating story about traveling overseas.

My life was about to change forever.
Hi my name is May. I’m 12 years old and I go to Spring day school in Hanmer Springs. In my family there is
my mum Jennifer, my dad Dan and me.

My parents announced last night that we would be leaving and traveling around the world until we find
somewhere better to live. They never liked living here they didn’t like the community, the holiday makers that come and go and their jobs it was too much for them. I begged for us not to go but they told me that they had been planning this for 5 months and they were trying to find the right time to leave. They had made up their mind.

APRIL 5 2013

The day has finally come. I cried all last night. I never knew it would be so hard to say goodbye to everyone especially my best friend Georgie. As the taxi pulled up outside our house I knew we wouldn’t be back for a long time.We arrived at the airport at 4.00 pm (New Zealand time).            

‘Flight 107 to Hong kong boarding now at gate G 57’ said a man’s voice from the speaker as we got out of the taxi.

APRIL 6 2013

Can’t get to sleep a baby’s crying like mad. Traveling in first class for three more hours is making me sick! At two o’clock I watched a movie, it was a boring movie so I went back to sleep.    

3.30 am (New Zealand time).
We’re finally landing and guess what I get to give out the plane candies!

4.00 am (New Zealand time).
We’re here I got out of the plane and a blast of hot air hit my face and I found it hard to breathe. We went down the ramp and into the airport. the airport was like nothing you had ever seen it was massive there are people everywhere. We almost got lost trying to get our bags but we got our bags and just got the shuttle in time. It’s 12am here. I’m so tired. We finally got to our hotel at 1am. I must of fallen asleep because  don’t remember much of the trip. We got out of the shuttle and the building was all lit up it was beautiful. The shuttle driver got our bags and we went into the hotel. There was an after hour box and our key was in there. We are on level 22 and room 2201 we are on top of the building there are only 2 rooms on our floor and our room is gorgeous there is a room for me with an en-suite and a room for mum and dad with an en-suite  a living room with a tv and another living room with a kitchen table the a bathroom and a play room also there is a deck and there is a spa, a BBQ, and an outside table. I went and put my bags in my room then I fell asleep.

Mt Pleasant Short Film Festival evening!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Year 5-8s at our school made movies between our classrooms. Some classrooms split into groups, and some made one as a class. Each class had 10 minutes to present their movies. Each class had a subject they were basing their movie on.

We had Hammond Peak come over to our school to give us tips about how to make our movies, with his OSCAR award for best sound in Lord of the Rings, Return of the King.

We were allowed into the movie night without having to pay or hand in tickets. However, the two guests we chose to give our tickets to had to bring along a donation to help pay for a new video camera to use in our team in the future. The student council sold lollies to raise funds for the kid we are sponsoring in Africa. 

On Wednesday, we watched all the movies from the six classes in each of our classrooms. 
The movie night lasted up to an hour. There were about 8-9 movies shown, including the one-shot at the beginning which was a movie that Room 12 decided to make in one take where they filmed the whole school dancing throughout every class.
All the movies included-

-Room 13
.Last drop
.Class president
.War of the courts
-Room 12
.One shot
-Room 11
.Deep Water
.Family Violence
.Under Pressure
-Room 10
.Ode To Freedom
-Room 9
.I Was Here
-Room 8-
.The new kids
.The MAGIC Song

Here are some pictures from the evening!
Blog post by Logan and Olivia

Sayings of the day

Monday, 12 August 2013

We have been learning a new saying a day in Room 13. These have been added to a Google Presentation that is available by clicking the 'Sayings' link in the sidebar of the blog. I've added it below for this post. The newest sayings will be added to the beginning of the presentation.

What is your favourite saying? Add it in the comments and we could make it one we study in class.
Thanks - Mrs Vesper

The detention get away by Tai

Thursday, 8 August 2013

In term one, my class and I wrote narratives about a rope hanging from the sky based on the short film below called Dangle.

Here is my story.  I am proud of keeping my story in the right tense, my plot, and where I put my commas.

The Detention Getaway

The boys gasped for breath as they ran along the alley way.
“Run faster William. Mr Milten’s going to catch us!” yelled John as they reached the end of the alley.
“Stop right there,” commanded a loud voice in behind them.
A big hairy face popped out in front of William and John. Mr Milten had found a short cut and they were trapped.
“You boys are supposed to be in detention,” he yelled as he grabbed the back of their shirts. “You have just scored yourself another hour.
“Let us go you horrible menace,” John shouted as he struggled to escape.

Term three learning update

Thursday, 1 August 2013

This is just a quick post to let you know some of the key learning areas that we currently working on in Room 13.

We are currently focusing on the different types of non-fiction texts. Below is a presentation with some of the key information about the different text types we have been focusing on. We will continue to look at these in our reading groups leading up to camp:

We are also finishing off the ballads we were writing about the key characters in our books from last term. We will share some of these on this blog in upcoming blog posts!

We are also looking at the topic of biodiversity for science. Our focus will be on the alpine environment  as an ecosystem. Students will also investigate an endangered animal or ecosystem of their choice to use as the topic for their speeches later in the term. To begin this topic, we have been focusing on classification of living things. The students have been working on this alongside developing their knowledge of Venn diagrams over the last few week. You can see the information we been covering in the next presentation.

That's enough for the moment but there will be more updates soon!
Mrs Vesper

Maddi and Jemima's work

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Here's a short extract of work we have chosen as some of our best.

 Jemima's summary of the Iranian hostage crisis
 The Iranian Hostage Crisis In 1979, the the Iranian Hostage Crisis occurred in Tehran, Iran. On November the 4th, a group of Islamic students that supported the Iranian Revolution swarmed and took over the American Embassy in Tehran. They took approximately 52 American hostages and left the Embassy trashed. It is strongly believed that they did so because they thought the U.S government were against the Iranian Revolution. Also, when Iran’s Shah (ruler) was overthrown, the U.S allowed him into America for medical care. The Iranians held these hostages for 444 days and many types of physical and physiological torture was carried out on them. During this time, the former President of the U.S, Jimmy Carter desperately tried to get the hostages back. One of the main things he did was stop all Iranian connections to the U.S. Eventually though a series of events occurred that caused Iran to release the hostages. Firstly, the former Shah died on July the 7th 1980. Next, Iraq invaded Iran. This caused Iran to negotiate with the U.S with Algeria being the mediator. Both Iran and the U.S signed the Algiers Accords and the hostages were formally released unharmed into the U.S on the 20th of January 1981 just minutes after the new American President, Ronald Reagan was elected. This whole event resulted in Iran and the U.S’s connections weakening.

An extract of Maddi's summary on chapters 9 to 12 of the book Lord of the flies by William Golding.

                                                         Lord of the flies Summary
 Chapter nine begins with Simon who has become very dehydrated and slightly mad, discovering the body of the parachuter whom the boys previously thought was the beast. He discovers that what the boys thought was a horrible creature is actually just a harmless object and hurries to tell the other boys. Ralph and Piggy go to the feast to try and bring some control and order over the other boys. When they arrive they discover that the boys are laughing and having fun. Jack is treated like a king by his tribe. It starts to rain and Jack’s tribe begin to do a wild hunting dance. They boys begin to chant and dance in circles and are caught up in a kind of frenzy; even Ralph and Piggy are swept up in the excitement. The boys see a shadowy figure creep out of the forest (actually Simon) the boys; in their wild and frenzied state leap upon him, killing him with their bare hands and teeth. The next morning Ralph and Piggy meet on the beach, ashamed of their behaviour last night. Ralph laughs hysterically and tells Piggy that they have participated in a murder. Piggy cannot confront this so he denies it dismissing it as an accident.

Senior jackets

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Recently we have received Senior jackets!!!!!

These are year 7&8 only. They are extremely warm and have plenty of secret pockets to put things in. They are waterproof and fitted with tuck away hoodies.

F.O.M.Ps (Friends of Mt Pleasant) sponsored us for these wonderful jackets, but every student in year 7,8 had to do 2 hours community work. Here’s some of the things that we did:

cleaning up the estuary, planting trees, helping neighbours and volunteer work!!!!

Thanks, F.O.M.Ps

By Emily and Charlotte

Mount Pleasant School

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mount Pleasant school has 13 classrooms and base-camp for the new entrants. We are split up into four teams: Team Take Off(years 0-2), Team Magma(Years 3-4), Team Rock Solid(Years 5-6) and Team at the top(Years 7-8). Room 13 in Team At The Top.

About 3 years ago we got new buildings in Team Magma, T@TT and Base-camp, but Rooms, 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9 still are with their old buildings.
In the earthquake, our hall was pushed off its pillars and now can't be used. Room 9 had the same problem but was lifted up by a crane and was fixed.

Our school also has a values and philosophies known as the MAGIC, there is a photo of the magic below,
our school uses the MAGIC to have good behavior and keep our school tidy.

Here are some of the  photos of our school and a map of our schools layout.

This is our classroom with Tai and Jemima

This is our astro turf and the hall in the corner and the PE shed behind 

This is Thomas and Jackson reading in one
 of our shared spaces, connecting the classroom.

This is school field and the senior playground in the back 
This is our schools MAGIC             This is the teachers staff room


First aid course

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

On Wednesday the 5th of June we had a first aid course. We learned how to stop a person from choking by using a certain technique that involves standing behind the patient and thrusting your hand into their solar plexus 5 times with increasing force attempting to dislodge whatever they are choking on. We also learned how to put people in the recovery position if the maneuver failed so they don't choke on their tongue. Another thing we practised was how to call the police if there was an emergency by talking on a toy phone. In an emergency, we learnt to follow the Doctors ABC (DRSABC below) to help recover somebody.

Danger - Check for dangers before attempting to help them.

Response- Check if they are responding by tapping their collarbone.

Send for help - Call 111 or find an adult to help. Talk calmly and answer the emergency centers questions.

Airways - Tilt their chin up so they don’t choke on their tongue.

Breathing - Make sure the patient is bleeding by putting your head down to feel their breath and/or see their chest moving, or by getting a mirror or some glass then put it up to their mouth to see the condensation.

Circulation - Make sure blood is circulating around their body - apply pressure to bleeding wounds.

This video was made by students in Australia to show the DRSABC steps. Note that their emergency number is 000 and ours is 111. Also, we weren't taught how to do CPR because of our age.

We learned skills that could save lives one day.

By Fergus and Jacob.

Movie making - the process!

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Lately we’ve been making movies.There are three different groups with three different movies.

Make sure to watch the finished movies at the end of July (final dates to be confirmed). They will be playing on a big screen for our families and we will put them on our blog afterwards.

Movie making steps

Step one

We got into groups and discussed our ideas and thought up our storyline related to peace and conflict in a school context.

Step two

We tried out different shots in a practice movie making session. Some of the shots we used were establishing shots to show the setting and close up shots to show the expression of the actors and how they’re feeling. This was very difficult because there is so many different ideas and everyone wants to use their own.

Step three

Then we made a storyboard to plan our shots for our finished movie. Then we wrote a script with the dialogue. Finally we had a filming day to get all the shots done.

We are currently still editing our movies, here are some photos of one group recording.

Make sure to leave a comment, Hope you enjoy.

National Young Leaders Day

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

On the 28th of May, all the students from Mt Pleasant School attended National Young Leaders Day at the Christchurch Airforce Museum. Lots of different inspirational speakers talked and the whole day taught us all a lot about being a leader. The Student Council at our school put together this presentation below.

Maths and Science Extension at Linwood College

Thursday, 13 June 2013

On a Tuesday morning a few students go to the local high school, Linwood College, for extension in mathematics and science. We spend two hours on each subject with a ten minute break in between. So far in science we have covered a broad range of topics. These include: Quantum Mechanics (the basics), Photosynthesis, The Human Body, and much more. In maths we have been looking for patterns series of shapes and numbers, figuring out the rule, writing out the algebraic equation, then expanding and simplifying our algebraic equation to provide a finished answer. Hers's a video we watched in class about Quantum Mechanics presented to you by Mr. Quantum.

Dealing with conflict

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Blog post written by Sam D, Jackson and William

In the last few weeks we have been learning about dealing with conflict and problems.
Below we have different ways people respond to conflicts that we used to role play  situations that we have happened to us.


  • Forget about it and forget about the other person
  • Walk away
  • Don’t get involved
  • Become resentful

  • Nether person gets want they want but they each get a bit of something
  • A bit of give and take
  • Give some and gain some

  • Don’t let the other person get what they want
  • Get what you want
  • Someone wins and someone loses

  • Together both people think of a solution where both sides can be satisfied
  • A win/win situation
  • Negotiate

  • let the other person have what they want
  • Surrender
  • Sacrfice

One of the examples we discussed and role played was if two kids want the same book at the same time. What should they do? Which technique should they use to solve it?
Possible solutions that we talked about were that you could share the book or read the same book at the same time or one person could read a different book and when they’re finished, they can swap.

“I” Statement
We also learned about "I" statements and how to use them in a conflict with another person.

An “I” statement is when you say what you feel to the other person when you’re in a conflict. We practiced using these in conflict situations.
An  example is: “I feel hurt when you laughed at me when I fell over. I don’t like what you said to me and I think you should say sorry”.

Here is a video talking more about I-statements:

Cross Country

Friday, 24 May 2013

On the morning of Wednesday the 15 May, we had our school cross country. For our Cross Country, we had a challenge course for the students that found the full course challenging so that more kids would enjoy Cross Country.

The weather on the day was alright and later in the morning it started to turn to custard but the sun was trying to shine.

The parents' support encouraged more young kids to enjoy Cross Country and attempt to win.

After the morning, at last we got to the prize giving ceremonies and everybody cheered when the top three hopped on the podium.

The order of the events and results are as listed below.

5 year old girls, Grace, Juliet, Talia
5 year old boys, Harrison, Oliver, Adam
6 year old girls, Jessica, Sophie, Neave
6 year old boys, Finn, Liam, Will
7 year old girls, Ashleigh, Lilly, Brianna
7 year old boys, Caleb, Quinn, Ash
8 year old girls, Emily, Andie, Zeda
8 year old boys, James, Zach, Kasper
9 year old girls, Millie, Natasha, Heather
9 year old boys, Will, Eli, Iwan
year 6 girls, Sophie, Georgia, Emma
year 6 boys, John, Johnny, Oliver
year 7 girls, Alexia, Anna, Sophie
year 7 boys, Thomas, Dominic, William
year 8 girls, Victoria, Charlotte, Azalea
year 8 boys, Sam,  Zac, William

Thank you MR Ingledew for organizing the "AWESOME" event.
Thank you all the children for participating.

It was an awesome day for some and our school is really proud of the students that competed.
by Mitchell and Thomas

Zac's writing

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Below is an extract from Zac's story. This story was written about being pushed out of your comfort zone.

It was dark the next morning. We were standing on the dock where all the yachts like ours were tied. It’s not a great feeling when you’re the only one feeling down and everyone else is enthusiastic. We loaded all our bags and the food inside the yacht, Dad hoisted the sail and we set off. Once we were out of the sounds and Mum had headed inside, I saw dark clouds on the brim of the mountains of the sounds.
“Dad,” I said in a worried tone of voice, “There’s clouds just over the hills and they don’t look awfully happy.”
Dad turned around casually and replied “Not to worry, The Metservice said it was going to be a light northeasterly so I reckon once the sun hits the land it’ll heat up and the wind will fill in from the north-east, blowing those clouds of yours away.”
I was almost convinced.

To read more of this story click here.

We chose this story because it used a wide range of vocabulary and made you want to read on.
- Maddi and Jemima

Welcome and contraptions!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thanks for visiting our brand new class blog! This is a space where the students will be sharing their learning with our community and other students from around the world. If you have dropped in to have a peek, it would be great if you could let the students know you've been here by leaving a quick comment below.

Our very first post is to revisit the forces topic we did last term. As part of that topic, the students created their very own contraptions that had to follow the following guidelines:

Your team should design a contraption that contains a minimum of four steps. A step in the machine is a transfer of energy from one action to another action. You also need to include at least three types of simple machines such as ramps, funnels, pulleys, levers, pipes, pendulums and catapults. You should also be able to talk about how your machine shows Newton’s three laws.

The video below shows their completed contraptions in action. Enjoy!